What Are the Best Healthcare Jobs for Work-Life Balance?

Every healthcare professional knows, at least in theory, that stress is a killer. But finding work/life balance in healthcare is almost an oxymoron; what balance between home life and work did you encounter during COVID? We know burnout is a huge issue in healthcare. If you’re looking for a more comfortable career environment, this blog shares some of the best healthcare positions that offer better work-life balance.

Best Work-Life Balance Jobs in Healthcare

You’ve probably experienced more stress and longer hours since COVID hit. With the exception of those furloughed workers during the ban on elective procedures, both clinical and administrative healthcare workers struggled with the volume of patients during the pandemic. Brutally long shifts in a highly stressful environment almost guarantee that even when you make it home, the effects of the experience will linger. 

The good news is, if you’re ready to leave these challenges behind you, there are lots of healthcare jobs that will actually provide you with some work-life balance. For example:

  • A medical assistant in a smaller practice could provide you with less stress, a lower patient load, and simpler tasks. Large hospitals make this role more stressful but there are smaller ambulatory clinic settings that provide a better and more balanced environment for their workforce.
  • A registered nurse doesn’t have to work in a stressful hospital setting, either. There are dozens of jobs if you have these credentials. You could consider private nursing of a handful of patients that you treat either through an agency or on your own. Temping is a great alternative because it gives you a change of venues periodically. Plus, you have the option of turning down a job—especially these days because there is always another job to choose from. We know nurses are even in-demand in the public schools, in prisons, in nursing homes, and more. Give some thought as to the kind of lifestyle you want, and the chances are high we can find it for you.
  • Occupational therapists are dotted across the healthcare space. You’ll find them in hospitals, certainly, but also traveling to homes, in schools, working for insurance companies, in nursing homes, and a whole lot more. There are both full and part-time jobs available once you’ve received your licensure, so be picky and find exactly what you need.
  • Coders and billers are vital to every healthcare company. Skilled coders help healthcare organizations get reimbursed, but they also protect patient privacy and standardize treatment documentation. These back-office roles can be performed remotely, too, which is fantastic for offering the potential for work-life balance.
  • A nutritionist or dietician by nature of the job generally has a lot less stress than say, a nurse. But this role has options that will allow you better control over your schedule. There is even the option of going into private practice but many nutritionists work with hospital cafeterias as well as directly with patients. You could work in a nursing home or in a school. It’s a great job that gives you a lot of choices as to where to apply your skills.

The point here is that, in today’s job markets, you do not have to settle.

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