Signs Your Hiring Process is Inefficient

The candidate experience matters now more than ever. If your hiring process is inefficient, you run the risk that great candidates will be gone as fast as they arrived. The majority of candidates say a negative experience could impact their decision to take a job and almost 70% say one bad experience would make them never apply to that company again. What’s wrong with your hiring process? When was the last time you evaluated your efficiency? Here are some signs that your process could use a little tweaking to bring in a better caliber of candidate faster.

Signs of a Poor Hiring Process

Hiring is a complex and expensive process, and the costs can go up if your process is inefficient. We know that the candidate’s perception of the process can also impact your ability to bring on strong talent. It can also impact your company brand on social media and in the job market. So, what are the signs your hiring process isn’t working properly?

  • Are you having miscommunications between hiring managers and recruiters? Miscommunications between teams can affect the hiring process and create mistakes that are detrimental to your organization. It can also leave candidates with a bad impression of your business.
  • Is your time to hire dragging? If so, it’s possible that your hiring team is spending too much time on manual tasks such as resume screens or candidate sourcing. These are time-consuming tasks. Instead, consider workflow revisions that will free up your hiring manager’s ability to interview more candidates. 
  • You’re having trouble filling job positions. Are you getting ghosted more frequently? Is the company plagued by high turnover? The best talent is looking for any red flags that signal your company doesn’t have its act together. Don’t give them the excuse they’re looking for to leave your interview process.
  • Do candidates express frustration in the hiring process? How are your online reviews? Do your candidates continue to apply or is your pipeline thinning? 

Any of these issues can signal you have a problem with your candidate screening process. Organizations struggling to improve their processes should consider a recruiting audit that looks at your processes from the perspective of the candidate. From how your recruiters follow up (or don’t) and how often, to your application portal and its user-friendliness, to the questions, your hiring team asks during the interview—all of these areas should be assessed carefully to improve the candidate experience.

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