New Ways to Recruit Nursing Candidates

The nursing shortage has been widely publicized. Nurses remain the center of healthcare delivery in this country, so when the data tells us 13 million job openings will need to be filled in the next decade, it’s cause for alarm. Healthcare recruiters have their work cut out for them. What techniques are they using these days to find talent and fill jobs?

What Are Some Good Ways to Recruit Nursing Candidates?

Getting Creative with Nursing Recruiting

Recruiting nursing candidates is both a full-time job and highly challenging. Staffing recruiting firms like the Custom Group of Companies pursue various techniques to find new and experienced nurses to fill open roles. Some of the latest methods for finding talent include:

Social Media

Using social media to spread the word about a job opening. Social media is a powerful tool to attract potential nursing candidates. Using LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter platforms can go beyond posting job openings. These social tools can also build an employer’s brand in a way that attracts referrals to the organization. Social media also allow recruiters to engage back and forth with potential candidates. Even nursing forums and groups on these platforms can help you connect with more people, not to mention networking with your existing connections.

Career Fairs

Hosting virtual career fairs is the latest popular option for nursing recruiting. A virtual career fair is a great way to learn more about an organization and its available positions. You can host virtual career fairs with a video conferencing provider like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet. That way, you can connect with nursing candidates from different locations while still meeting them face-to-face.

Referral Bonuses

Offering referral hiring bonuses is a great incentive to bring in “known” candidates. Referred candidates are hired faster and stay longer than other applicants; 82% of employers rate referred candidates as providing their organizations with the best ROI. 

Job Boards

Utilizing job boards is an old recruiting standby, but ways to modernize your efforts exist. Start with a solid job description that talks more about why someone would want to work at your organization over just focusing on the requirements for the position. Consider selecting nursing-specific job boards to post your open positions and sites focusing on attracting a diverse healthcare talent pool. You can also hunt for job candidates on these sites. 

Video Interviews

Make use of video interviews to save time and resources. For example, if you’re targeting a graduating class of a nursing program in a neighboring state, you can cut down on travel time and costs associated with interviewing on-site. 

Recruitment Marketing

Using recruiting marketing to attract candidates. Partner with your marketing team to get the word out about your open roles. We mentioned video—You can use pre-recorded video in new ways. You can share these videos on social media or your website to further your marketing reach. For example, why not interview one of your more seasoned nurses to share candid details about what it’s like in your organization? That’s just one example of how recruiting marketing can help your business.

Need to Hire Nursing Candidates?

If you’re trying to find nursing help, perhaps the best resource you can find is in a partnership with the Custom Group of Companies. We have an excellent track record of finding you the talent you need. Find out more about our healthcare solutions today.

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