Best Cities to Work an IT Job

Have you heard about the Tech Town Index? In 2028, CompTIA launched this analysis to show IT professionals some of the hot tech pockets beyond Silicon Valley. This is a great resource for developers seeking new opportunities in 2023, particularly because it may lead them to a better work environment or better pay in a town with a lower cost of living. What are some of the best cities for tech talent this year? We have answers.

What Are The Best Cities to Work in For IT?

Tech Town Index

There were more than three million total jobs posted in tech last year. About 27% were remote, and that number increased in 2022. Many of these jobs cropped up in surprising locations that were about as far from Silicon Valley as you can get.

CompTIA reports that tech companies have been popping up across the country over the fast few years. Most major cities now have thriving startup communities where new tech is innovating its way into the mainstream. Not to mention that the increase in remote jobs allows many tech workers to join companies from wherever they live. So, the opportunities for tech workers continue to grow without geographic boundaries.

CompTIA looked at 20 metro areas with populations of 250,000 and higher to determine what cities are hot for tech job opportunities. The top spot this year went to Austin, Texas, but that shouldn’t be a surprise—this is the third year they earned the ranking. Another Texas city got the second spot, San Jose. To complete the Texas trifecta, Dallas came in as number three this year. Texas remains a hub for IT, semiconductors, and telecom, with one magazine suggesting the state has “the opportunity to continue stretching and growing into emerging, hot areas of tech innovation like mobility innovation, life sciences/biotechnology, and AI.”

But CompTIA reports innovation going on in Atlanta, Georgia, and even Huntsville, Alabama, which are numbers four and five, respectively on the list. While we can understand Atlanta as a growing metropolitan tech hub, Huntsville was a bit of a surprise. The Huntsville Business Journal calls the city “one of the best places to live for technology professionals.”

Huntsville has always been known for military defense and aerospace. But the region posted more than 14,000 available jobs during the past year, and they’re expecting that number to increase to 20,000 in 2023. What’s driving this growth? Tax incentives brought new technology companies to the region as well as $71 million worth of investments in economic development. These opportunities are attractive to developers, but particularly when you combine it with an incredibly low cost of living.

Speaking of affordability, CompTia says Lansing, Michigan is the most affordable city for IT workers. New York had the highest number of jobs but an equally high cost of living. Surprisingly, however, Denver and Boston didn’t even make the list this year.

Other cities that made the top 20 list this year include:

  • Tallahassee, Florida                                       
  • San Francisco, California
  • Hartford, Connecticut                                
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Des Moines, Iowa                                          
  • Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Colorado Springs, Colorado                          
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Baltimore, Maryland                                     
  • Trenton, New Jersey

Are You Looking to Move For a Job in IT?

What does this mean for IT workers? It means that, if you’re searching for new opportunities, they are, literally, everywhere around you. It’s a great time to reach out to the Custom Group of Companies to see what jobs or cities may be the right fit. Check out our job board to get started.

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