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Bad Hiring or Bad Training?

When a new hire is underperforming or otherwise not fitting in with the team, the temptation is probably to assume it’s just a “bad hire.” But are you completely certain that you’ve given the employee enough training and support? Are you sure they just weren’t overloaded with responsibilities before they were ready? We have some tips for determining if the new worker didn’t receive the training they needed or if they were truly just a hiring mistake.

Was it a Bad Hire or Bad Training?

Tips to Tell if You Made a Bad Hire

Step 1

The first way to determine if you’ve made a bad hire is to give the new employee a very specific task with resources to help them succeed. You can even break down the assignment into steps to make sure the employee understands each piece of the work.  If the employee can complete the task with the assistance of the resources you’d provided, then that means the employee is trainable and willing to do the work. That is, assuming you have time to provide the extra training. If your workplace is so fast-paced that you don’t have time to provide additional support, then maybe that employee really is a bad hire.

Step 2

Second, figure out how many times you’ve covered the training issue the employee is struggling with. Spend some time with both the manager and the new employee. If you have a clear indicator that you’ve trained the employee in the same area multiple times and they’re still not getting it, then the worker may not be the right fit for your organization.

Every time you lose an employee, it costs your company money, whether it’s through a firing or a voluntary exit. It’s worth doing a little soul-searching to make sure you haven’t fallen short in your training of the new employee. For example, how clearly are you communicating expectations about the job and tasks? Sometimes managers may think they’re clear on their instructions, but you may find upon review that even you are a little confused about what’s what. 

As you’re counseling and working with the new employee pay attention to their attitude. Are they willing and eager to learn? Are they less than engaged? This will help you ultimately decide what to do about the employee. Try to break down the employee’s performance so that soft skills are taken into account. Is the employee cooperative when receiving instruction? Do you feel like they are committed to doing the job well?  Does the team like the new hire? Are they a positive force on the team that just needs a little more one-on-one guidance? 

Step 3

The final step in this process is to analyze what is going wrong. Understand the players, the issues, and the tasks before making a decision. If you’ve given the worker the tools they need to be successful and they still can’t complete the job, then move on to either training or let the employee go. Don’t waste time; make a decision and run with it.

Did You Make the Right Hiring Choice?

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