5 Healthcare Trends to Watch Out For in 2023

The Custom Group of Companies works closely with healthcare companies to create and implement hiring strategies that keep up with the latest trends. Healthcare, like many industries, is changing rapidly, and 2023 will be no exception to our constant effort to improve care delivery. We looked at the healthcare trends that will impact hiring next year and came up with five predictions for healthcare in 2023.

What Healthcare Trends Should You Watch For in 2023?

Trend 1: Patient Engagement and Patient Experience

The consumerization of healthcare is ongoing. Patients are savvier than ever, with most researching a practice or hospital before seeking treatment. Healthcare organizations are seeking new ways to engage these consumers by setting their brands apart from competitors. This includes online self-service patient scheduling portals and digital apps that connect doctors to your cell phone. This trend will impact healthcare hiring by continuing to create new jobs in the tech space and customer experience.

Trend 2: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Like most industries, healthcare will be affected by AI automation. These tools will impact clinical care with more data-driven decisions and the customer experience with new ways to automate. AI will also impact research by using data to improve the quality of care. On the recruiting front, AI will impact healthcare hiring by automating many of the mundane tasks recruiters face. Since AI is still evolving, watch for these tools to continue their impact. 

Trend 3: Robotics

Like AI, the field of robotics is changing healthcare delivery. We’re seeing robotics begin to impact on-the-ground care in nursing homes and hospitals in Japan. During COVID, some hospitals adopted robotic disinfection systems that used UV light to sterilize and stop the spread of infectious diseases. This trend will also change the types of jobs offered in the healthcare field and require workers to change their workflows to interact with these tools in new ways.

Trend 4: Mental Health

The mental and behavioral healthcare fields have been in the news frequently since COVID hit. We’ve gained a new appreciation for the need to take care of our mental health in the same way we take care of our physical health. The demand for more experts in this critical field is rising, while at the same time, more digital mental health tools are being created. Today, we’re hiring more in the mental and behavioral health field but also filling telehealth roles where counseling is provided virtually. 

Trend 5: Staffing Shortages 

Burnout among our clinical teams is at an all-time high. Healthcare workers left the profession in record numbers during and after COVID. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports we’ll need another 18 million healthcare workers to keep up with demand in the coming years. This demand will affect hiring as healthcare organizations struggle to keep up with their need to find skilled workers. In this environment, it will be the rare healthcare organization that doesn’t turn to a recruiting partner like the Custom Group of Companies. We work with healthcare organizations to help them face these challenges and meet their hiring goals. Click here to find out more about our healthcare recruiting solutions.

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