3 of the Most In-Demand & Highest Paying IT Jobs In 2021

Most companies are desperate for IT workers. Over the next 10 years the U.S. will add another 31,000 software developer jobs each year, for a 22% growth rate. That’s at least twice the growth rate of the next most in-demand labor force, which is healthcare. This year there will be thousands of unfilled IT jobs, and that number is expected to rapidly increase. Which are the most in-demand roles in the IT field these days? What’s the average pay and why are these jobs so hot? We have answers.

Top IT Jobs

When IT jobs are left unfilled, innovation and corporate productivity decline. It’s an untenable state of affairs for most employers who are simply desperate to fill IT jobs. According to CNBC, three of the toughest to fill and best-paying positions these days include:

  1. Data Scientist
    Median salary: $110,000
    Data scientists are the big data cowboys that most companies say they need in the future. Enterprise and mid-level organizations have been capturing data from customers for decades, but it’s the data scientists that will harness that information and use it to drive productivity and increase profits. Data scientists analyze, model and visualize, and process big data streams to help achieve a corporate business goal. Typically, these IT professionals take unstructured, messy data streams and, like damning a river, organize all that information into an orderly flow to power up business decision-making.
  2. Senior Software Engineer
    Median salary: $120,000
    A senior software engineer does more than read and write in a computer language of their choice. These professionals study operations and design and deploy new software solutions for a business. A senior software engineer typically leads a team of more junior developers responsible for building a digital product. They’re experts in computer languages, frameworks, and architectures but they are also excellent with teams. Key to this role is the mastery of the coding craft. A senior software engineer can write clean, well-thought-out code to the point where they can use their creativity and ingenuity to come up with new solutions for product features. Senior software engineers are also customer service focused, with soft skills as well defined as their technology expertise.
  3. Machine Learning Engineer
    Median salary: $125,000
    If you’ve heard about artificial intelligence (AI), and who hasn’t these days, one of the underlying structures that make up this area of computer science is machine learning. All AI is simply computer algorithms that allows software to interact with humans in smarter and more intuitive ways. A machine learning engineer focuses on creating the predictive learning algorithms that form the backbone of an AI platform. Machine learning simply allows the computer to digest previous behaviors and reasonably predict what responses are most appropriate based on those actions. Machine learning is what makes your Alexa or Siri device seem to be “smart” in its interactions with you. It’s the machine learning engineer that builds and designs these self-learning platforms.

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