4 Top Tips for Working Remotely

CNBC called it first with the headline, “Working from home is here to stay, even when the economy reopens.” Now that companies have gone “all in” on their investments in work-from-home tools, the news outlet predicts that we will not be returning to business as usual anytime soon. Long commutes have been eliminated, and workers are now more productive. But, as many of us have discovered, there are some tricks to working remotely that it might take time to master. We’ve culled four top tips to improve your remote work and keep your employers happy. 

Do These Four Things to Improve Your Remote Work 

1. Figure out a routine 

The 9 to 5 daily work routine is so over. Employees can now work anytime and from anywhere. If you’re not required to dial in at specific times, remote workers have the flexibility to go online and get the job when they are the most productive. If you’re not punching a time clock, you have the opportunity to organize your day how you like. You can structure your day by the meetings you attend, or if you have a more fluid job and no meetings, by when you are at your best. It’s a cool perk for remote workers, but it also carries responsibility. If you’ve been working remotely, you know that it’s easy to do the dishes or walk the dog instead of honing in on a task that you’re less than motivated to do. But use your remote perk wisely and figure out a routine that works well for you and your employer so that tasks get done. It may be at 7 am, or 2 am, but either way, figure out your schedule and make it happen. 

2. Take breaks throughout your workday 

It’s far too easy to wake up, open your computer, and realize its noon and you forgot to brush your teeth. In addition to setting a schedule, make sure that you work in breaks throughout the day to give you a chance of scenery. Taking a walk at lunch or even moving to a different part of your home between the morning and afternoon is like hitting the refresh button on your browser. A change of venue, exercise, or just a break at the midpoint of your workday will help you stay productive and motivated. 

3. Consider a real office 

If you haven’t done this yet, consider setting up a real office space. Think of your kitchen table or patio as your “remote” offices, but keep one primary space for your home/work area. This will also help you create more work/life balance; when the day is done, close your laptop and leave that space behind. Your spouse or roommate will probably appreciate your keeping work materials within a certain space in your home. It doesn’t matter if it’s an office, a closet, or just a designated corner of your home. Pick it—and use it. 

4. Dress for work 

If you’ve been working from home for a while, you know that this isn’t a tongue-in-cheek suggestion. It can be very tempting to roll out of bed and get to work in your jammies. But getting up and cleaning up as if starting your office commute, will help get you into a headspace that will boost your productivity and provide some structure to your day. 

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