4 Signs Your Job Has Nothing More to Teach You

According to Pew Research, about 70% of employees are disengaged. While they may have started strong, many workers gradually lose interest in their job. While employees may stay in the position longer than they should, in truth, some employers fail to nurture workers in ways that keep them motivated long-term.  

Given that most of us spend an inordinate amount of our week at work, what are the signs that your job has nothing more to offer? 

Signs It Might Be Time To Move On 

Sometimes people stay in jobs longer than they should. Change can be scary or stressful, so sometimes it’s easier to stay in a position that’s no longer fulfilling than try to find something new. If you enjoy the people you work with, entropy can entrap you in a career with no advancement or opportunities for growth. Watch for these signs to understand when it’s time to consider a move because your job has stagnated: 

  • You might find yourself bored. At first, the situation was challenging as you mastered the skills necessary to succeed in the role. Your boss may have responded very positively during this time as you went above and beyond to learn your job. The work was new, and you were excited to learn all you needed to succeed. However, years down the road, you may have found that you’ve learned everything you can and are simply bored. Nothing interests you because there is simply nothing else to work on that’s exciting or intriguing. 
  • There’s no one left to learn from. After years on the job, you are the smartest person in the room, in terms of job skills. You may be able to share your talents with others, and that can be fulfilling, however, it would be nice to have something exciting and new to work on for a change. 
  • You also don’t expect things to change anytime soon. You’ve reached the pinnacle of your success in the job. While you may suggest new projects or opportunities to improve the organization, it’s quid pro quo; and no one is interested in what you have to say.  
  • All of this manifests itself in frustration or anger at work. By Sunday night, you feel a creeping sense of dread about going to work the next day. By lunchtime, on Monday, you feel tired and start to dream about getting out on Friday. 

You may feel like you’re the dull edge of a knife blade, worn down, and only not as valid as you once were. If you’re feeling all of these things, we do have good news. Today’s low unemployment rate means that employees have more opportunities to take on new opportunities. The signs of your frustration are rampant, but the truth now is you don’t have to put up with a job that’s boring or frustrating you. The world is changing, and you can’t afford to stand still if your job isn’t teaching you new things or somehow evolving your career. 

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