Your Problems Don’t Sleep and Neither Should Your Recruiter

Having trouble recruiting talent these days? Of course you are. From the hiring manager to the CEO, everyone is highly aware of how difficult it is to find and hire any sort of talent these days. From IT to manual labor, we’re facing historic unemployment levels affecting every business and every market sector in the country.  

Today, many companies are fighting their hiring challenges with the help of new partnerships in the form of staffing services. What if you could work with a staffing service to double your effort to find candidates? Even better, what if that staffing service was available 24/7? What problems could they help you solve. 

Here’s How Recruiters Can Help Your Business 

Consider a recruiting firm an extension of your core hiring team. Recruiters can have a massive impact on sourcing new candidates, which is the number one job of today’s hiring managers. That’s because almost everyone that wants a job has a job today. The only good news in this scenario is that Gallup says one-half of all employed Americans are considering a new job. Another poll said closer to 80% were thinking about a move.  

But that doesn’t mean a candidate is going to apply for your job. That’s because many of these candidates are passive. In a 4% unemployment market, it’s important to reach out to these potential passive job candidates and build relationships with them. That way, when they’re ready, they know your company and will feel comfortable applying for jobs. 

But ferreting out, contacting and started a dialogue with these candidates is incredibly time-consuming. No hiring manager has time to consistently find and cultivate new candidates. It’s a proactive recruiting strategy that can help companies succeed when everyone else is failing at finding talent.  

While the standard approach to finding talent is to post a job and wait for candidates to apply, these old-school techniques are no longer aggressive enough to be effective in a market where there are so few candidates ready to jump ship. Statists show that 47% of companies say they have no qualified applicants apply when they post a new opening. Eighty-five million jobs are regularly going unfilled these days because people just aren’t applying. 

Do You Need A 24/7 Recruiting Team?

While most staffing firms do not provide this kind of availability to their clients, The Custom Group of Companies added this unique differentiator to their portfolio of services. Increasing our availability is a win-win for the client and our company. Together, we double down on our efforts to reach candidates by proactively targeting the best talent. 

Our team can work with previous applicants and proactively target new talent; then work to build trusted relationships with these potential workers for your business. We already have existing social networks, and can leverage these relationships and put them to work on your behalf. Contact our team and learn about the benefits of a full-time, always-on hiring engine to add to your team. 

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