What to Do When You Aren’t Finding your Perfect Candidate

It’s no secret that the job market is tough on recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates these days. To put it simply, there aren’t enough qualified candidates to go around these days. This is particularly true in fields such as IT and healthcare, but also hospitality has suffered from a terrible talent shortage. If you’ve been searching for the perfect candidate, your efforts have likely dragged on for a few months. What should you do if you can’t seem to find who you’re looking for? We have answers that may help.

Tips for Finding Talent in 2021

No one is applying for your jobs. You’ve been through all the resumes you have and no one is a fit. What should you do?

  • Review your job description within the lens of the candidates you’ve been fielding. Is there a certification requirement that may be disqualifying good candidates? Are the requirements even realistic? Do you require a degree but that really isn’t necessary for the job? Is the ad itself even compelling enough to attract candidates? What details can you delete from the job description to increase the chances that someone will actually read it? Basically, is your ad scaring away the candidates you’re trying to attract?
  • Look at your competitors. Who is searching for the same role? Are most similar jobs way out of your price range? Are some of the jobs remote—but yours isn’t? Think about your job within the lens of the competition. Also think about what the candidate experiences when reading your ad. What can you steal from the competition and what can you learn to make your approach better?
  • Talk more about culture. Nine out of every 10 millennials would take a pay cut for a better culture at work. Train your hiring teams to play up culture and increase your chances to attract top talent. 
  • You can also upskill your internal teams. This helps with retention but also takes some of the heat off your recruiters in a tight employment market. Offering your employees’ a way to move up the ladder will reengage them in the success of the organization. It also gives you a compelling advancement story to share with future candidates seeking a place where they can achieve a promotion and everything that comes with it.

We can help find you top talent!

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