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Top 5 Hot IT Jobs in 2022

IT remains the hottest field in the U.S. to enter into as employers try every trick in the book to attract top talent. Fully 52% of companies expect to add IT talent this year, and with the Great Resignation still underway, you can expect this number to increase. In fact, 80% of employers say they’ve experienced turnover and look to hire replacement tech staff. If you’re looking to get into IT, what are the five top jobs out there that, if you learn the trade, you’re pretty much guaranteed a great job and a great salary?

What Are the Top 5 IT Jobs This Year?

Job 1: Database Administrator/Architect

Data rules the world, so if you’re a database administrator, you have control of maintaining the content that fuels business decisions at every level. A database administrator is a little different from an architect. An architect designs the database or network, while the administrator handles day to day operations of these systems, whether they are in the cloud, on-premise, or in a hybrid scenario. 

Job 2: IT Security Analyst

Cybercriminals are going to cost the world more than $10.5 trillion each year by 2025. Information security analysts serve a vital role in helping mitigate these risks. IT security analysts design and rollout systems to help protect company data. These IT pros monitor these networks with sophisticated software, carefully probing systems to ensure they’re safe from hackers. 

Job 3: Software Developer

Since everything runs on software, it makes sense that computer programmers will continue to be highly in demand. Software programmers create the codes and algorithms behind our computer intelligence. They work in multiple programming languages and often with an Agile or Waterfall team to organize their work into measurable deployments. These professionals do more than code, however. They may be responsible for documentation or for working with end-users and stakeholders. Modern programmers need communication skills as much as they need coding language acumen. If you have both, you can pretty much write your ticket in the coming years.

Job 4: System Analyst

As IT networks grow increasingly complex, it is the system analyst that will make sense of this snarl. This IT professional roadmaps architectures, troubleshoots them when they fail, and probes and tests systems to ensure you have the most effective tools at your disposal. Systems analysts are both linear and creative thinkers, an unusual mix that companies are hungry to put to good use.

Job 5: Help Desk/Support

While the help desk professional may be one of the lower paid in the IT profession, these teams help your customers navigate software or troubleshoot their devices. That makes the help desk professional incredibly valuable in our book. We’ve seen many help desk pros climb the ladder in IT, making this a great role to start out in within the field. As a bonus, these days, many help desk support roles are fully remote, making them an intriguing top job for you to consider.

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