“My experience with Custom Healthcare has been nothing short of excellent.  My time with my counselors has been delightful from the very start. After having a discussion on what my goals were, they instantly knew what area I should concentrate on looking for work in.  I took the computer tests, which were not difficult at all.  Next, I filled out a packet of forms including W-2’s, personal information, direct deposit, etc… The entire time I was there, (about 1.5 – 2 hours) my counselor was right by my side reassuring me that they were going to place me in a position fit for me.  Custom sent me on multiple interviews.  Before each one they would call me to prep me, as well as call me afterward to see how it went. Both counselors would call me in between interviews to update me on what the client was currently doing and to reassure me that everything was going smoothly. In between assignments, they placed me on different assignments just so that I can gain more confidence in my work ability and remember what I can bring to the table.  After each small assignment, they would call and let me know what the client thought of me.  NO ONE does this if they don’t truly care. I am so happy with Custom!”

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