Signs Your Team is Being Spread too Thin

We are living in some of the most challenging times many of us have ever seen. Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, Americans are being laid off, furloughed, and learning to work under new remote conditions. New duties have emerged, and a new normal is being established in many companies. As a nation, we are stressed, spread thin, and, for some of us, burning out. What are the signs that your team is being stretched to the max—and how can a staffing agency help? 

Signs of the Times—Doing More with Less 

In the summer of 2018, CNBC trumpeted the headline that American workers were burning out in record numbers. That was well before the coronavirus, a time when the chances of feeling situational battle fatigue are even higher, if possible, than before. 

Burnout is the emotional exhaustion that comes with feeling that you don’t have anything left to give. Stretching employees too thin during this challenging time in our history will lessen their productivity and even cause them physical harm.  

Even the fact that employees are now working remotely can stretch them in new and potentially harmful ways. The Harvard Business Review says, “The lines between work and non-work are blurring in new and unusual ways.” This means that employees are likely struggling to set boundaries between working and not working and their professional and personal lives. The chances are high that your remote workers are feeling stretched too thin simply because the afternoon blends into the evening, and they find themselves still working.  

The other issue remote workers may experience is that they are now required to take on the jobs of multiple people, due to corporate downsizing. It’s an untenable situation that could quickly lead to burnout. Look for these signs to detect problems in your existing employees that signal they are being stretched to their limit: 

  • Frustration or indifference toward their jobs. 
  • Increased mistakes in the job, carelessness, or work that isn’t up to normal standards. 
  • Decreasing productivity or, if the worker is remote, look for a slower response to emails than typical or general unresponsiveness.  
  • Increasing overtime. If your team is currently understaffed, watch the numbers reported by your existing team. If they are turning in timesheets that double normal numbers, you should red flag this as a sign to seek additional help. 
  • You should also watch for an increase in customer complaints. If your workers are stressed or stretched too thin, they may lack the patience to deal with customers, who, in the current environment, may also be under their own stress. 

If your company is exhibiting some or all of these signs, it is time to consider additional staffing support, even if it’s only a temporary fix to alleviate some of the pressure being felt by your current team. 

Adding Staffing Support to Help Your Existing Team 

If your team is stretched too thin, adding temporary or temp to hire workers may be the answer. While many companies may be reluctant to hire permanent team members, there are shorter-term solutions and plenty of workers available to help improve your current environment.  

During a global pandemic, it’s essential for business leaders to take care of their existing employees and support them in any way possible. If you’ve realized your current employees are stretched to the breaking point, don’t delay; call on our team to help you find solutions to create a better work environment for your valuable staff. 

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