5 Signs Your Employee Might be Job Hunting

We all know that it takes more energy and revenue to hire and train new employees. As managers, most of us work hard to retain our best employees to keep productivity and our margins higher. But inevitably, even the best employees leave. If it happens and you didn’t see the signs, it can be disheartening. We’ve compiled five signs that your employees are considering leaving the organization. That way, you can take steps to retain them longer.

  1. Your employees look or act differently.
    Some signs are hard to detect; others stand right out. If your employee comes in wearing a suit, that could be a clear sign they’re interviewing. But also look for the more subtle signs, like a manicure or a hairstyle that is out of character. They may ask for a day off that feels unusual, or a half-day, so they can go interview. Are they taking personal calls at work? Also watch for employees who never had anything to say to each other, go out to lunch together. This could mean that they are talking about the job and sharing ideas for the job hunt.
  2. Your employee makes a profile change.
    It’s a good idea to keep an eye on LinkedIn profiles to see if your worker’s professional page is radically changed it may make them more marketable to employers. Are they adding referrals from co-workers, or have they added a new profile picture? Red flag!
  3. They’ve disengaged from work.
    If you’re in a meeting where you’re forecasting what’s ahead for the company and the employee starts texting, there are problems. Attitudinal changes or unwillingness to volunteer for new projects could illustrate burnout or indifference. If the employee, who was once an enthusiastic participant, turns recalcitrant, you may be losing them.
  4. They stop participating with co-workers.
    Workers that are on their way out of the door will start to withdraw from social interactions to make it easier to say goodbye. Do you have workers that were formerly social butterflies and are now wallflowers? They may be trying to disengage from those around them in preparation for leaving their co-workers behind.
  5. Performance has slipped.
    Clocking out way before quitting time is a visible indicator that something isn’t right. If your employee sees an end to the job, they’ll be more likely to “call it in” during meetings or a project task. Watch for signs that the employee’s work output is changing. While there may be eternal factors, like an illness in the family, it could also signal that they’re ready to call it quits.

If you see these signals in an employee, ask yourself when was the last time you made an effort to engage with the worker? What steps have you taken, as an owner or manager, to ensure the quality of the work for your employees? Are you doing everything you should to keep them engaged in the success of your organization?

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