What are the QUICKEST Ways to Find a Job?

You needed a job yesterday and you’re starting to panic. It seems like you’ve been shooting off resumes into a bottomless pit and the hiring process at the companies you’re interviewing with is way too slow. We have some tips for the quickest ways to find a job that can help you speed up this process and get back to work—fast.

How to Find a Job Fast

The first thing to do is take a deep breath and get organized. Sit down and make a list of jobs you’ve applied to thus far. Then list the companies that you’d like to work for. Do the two lists match up? Stop wasting time filling out applications or sending resumes to places that you don’t want to really work for.

Next, review your resume and the cover letters you’re sending to make sure there are no inadvertent errors that could be tripping you up. Once you have all of these steps completed, follow these tips:

  1. Consider seasonal work to keep income rolling in. If your goal is to find a full-time job, that’s fine. But we all know it’s easier to get a job if you already have one. Temporary or seasonal positions can help you keep income coming in. If it’s part-time, you’ll still have plenty of time to search for a new job. 
  2. Work with a recruiter. The Custom Group of Companies matches job seekers with top employers. Because our fees are paid by the employer, we work for you for free. Our recruiters can look at your resume and give you tips. We can pitch you to employers and potentially get you an interview where you’ve not been able to get in. In fact, we often have jobs available that aren’t even listed on job boards.
  3. Set up job alerts on the major job boards. That way you’ll be notified quickly as a new job opens. Applying quickly may put you ahead of other candidates and give you a strategic advantage. 
  4. Make sure you tailor your resume and cover letter for the job you’re applying to. This will give you a better shot at actually making it to the interview. Keep your resume short, no more than two pages, and eliminate any experience more than a decade old. 
  5. Finally, network. If you have a LinkedIn or Facebook profile, mine your connections there. Every day set a goal that you’ll reach out to a handful of people you’re connected with. You can simply let them know you’re looking for work, have a particular skill set, and ask them if they’ve heard of anything that might be a good fit. Go back to that list of target companies you’d like to work for and see if you actually know anyone from those companies. If you do, there’s nothing wrong with reaching out to them and asking if your connection would be willing to connect you to someone in HR.

Searching for a Job?

When you’re out of work and need a job fast, it can be stressful. But these tips will help you on your way to finding a better fit. Call The Custom Group to keep your job search moving forward.

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