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Is a Cover Letter Still Needed in 2022?

In today’s digital on-click world, the job application process can be quite simple. You may find yourself wondering whether you need a cover letter to go with each resume you send. Do recruiters really read your cover letter? Some admit they don’t read them. It can lead to confusion as to whether you should even bother creating a cover letter. Don’t be confused. We have answers to the question: Is a cover letter still needed in 2022?

Do You Still Need a Cover Letter?

Here’s Why a Cover Letter Still Matters

Cover letters can be a game-changer if the recruiter needs a tie-breaker between you and another candidate. They may not read all the cover letters that come in, but if they’re trying to discern between two good candidates, a cover letter can help tip the odds in your favor. 

Cover letters show your attention to detail and that you’ve made more of an effort than your competitor. The document can explain concisely why you’re the best fit for a job. It can help fill in any gaps in your job history. Cover letters are useful in these and other ways. Use them properly and they can complement your resume and help you stand out.

But should you always submit a cover? Are there times when it really isn’t necessary?

Times When You Wouldn’t Need a Cover Letter

Some jobs these days don’t require a cover letter. We’ve seen job ads where cover letters aren’t necessary. The employer may do that to test your ability to follow directions or they simply don’t want the added paperwork. Either way, submitting a cover when it’s not needed in these cases will set you apart—but not in a good way. 

If you don’t have time to customize your cover letter, then just don’t bother sending one. A cover letter that clearly reads like an automated cookie-cutter document won’t endear you to the employer. For resumes and cover letters, you should take time to tailor these documents for the job you’re applying to. Otherwise, simply don’t bother. Even spending 10-minutes to revamp the cover to add in a few salient details that show you really read the job ad is worth the effort.

Finally, you simply may run across an employer who doesn’t have a place in the online application to upload a cover letter. We’ve seen it happen. Employers simply may have overlooked the issue but it’s more likely that’s their signal to you, the job applicant, that no cover letter is needed. Take advantage of the time you’ll save.

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