Interview … Like a Boss

Let’s skip the typical blog that reminds you to dress for success and research the company before you interview, shall we? Instead, let’s talk about what makes a 2020 job candidate stand out from the crowd. While a funky hairstyle may or may not make the interviewer remember you, we have some tips to make your interview experience memorable for the hiring team in the best possible way.

Personal Branding

Creating a personal brand for your social media profile and resume is an excellent way to create consistency to help the interviewer remember you. Personal branding is the same idea as the Nike swoosh. It’s an image that you see everywhere, it’s consistent, and it tells the same kind of story no matter where you run into it.

It’s the same thing for a job candidate. Branding yourself with a tagline on LinkedIn that carries to your resume will create a feeling of familiarity that the interview has seen you somewhere before. Colors, fonts, and consistent language can help build your brand. You can also have kind of a signature trademark that sets you apart from everyone else. Maybe it’s a particular graphic or a website that you highlight in candidate materials. Whatever you choose, make it professional and consistent for a long-lasting impression.

Be Authentic During the Interview

If you’re applying for a corporate position, there is an element of professional corporate-speak that you should know and share during the interview. But don’t pretend to be someone you’re not, or you will be miserable later on. It’s okay to show your authentic self instead of having an artificial interview personal that’s as fake as a $3 bill. We’re not saying put your feet on the table during an interview or light up a cigarette, but it is okay to talk about your interests. Be real about what you’re trying to improve. Honesty just may set you apart.

Make the Interview a Conversation

Don’t think about the interview as if it were a test you have to pass. Instead, have a real conversation with the interviewers about what the role entails, your skills, and the problems you might solve should they hire you. By all means, throw in small talk; it’s okay to be genuinely curious and interested in your interviewers. Ask “real” questions about the job and remember; you’re interviewing them as much as they are you. Go into the interview prepared with some rigorous and smart questions. Ask about the projects you’ll work on, how long the team has been in place, and where the company is headed.

Talk About Results

We’ve found candidates often are pretty generic in their approach to answering questions. They don’t describe their past work in much detail, or they don’t engagingly highlight their accomplishments. If the interviewers ask about your previous work, share very specific concrete achievements using data and the facts. Try to let the interviewer know how you helped the company by streamlining processes or saving money. All of these results-oriented sentences will leave a good taste in the interviewer’s mouth and make them want to bring you on board.

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