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How to Keep Your Healthcare Resume Continuously Updated

For the past two years, healthcare has been tumultuous. Working in a healthcare organization requires technical acumen, patient care experience, and, certainly, the ability to work under some shocking levels of stress and pressure these days. Building all of these experiences into a resume is very challenging. Ultimately, this means you may miss out on opportunities to further your career. How can you keep your healthcare resume continuously updated? Here are some tips that will help you get noticed.

How to Keep Your Resume Up-to-Date

Healthcare Resume Tips

When was the last time you updated your career goals on your resume? It’s easy to put this chore off. But as you’ve taken on new jobs and responsibilities during the pandemic, your goals and aspirations may have changed. You also gained a deeper understanding of what needs to happen in your specialty area. We recommend updating these details periodically to create a more up-to-date document. Otherwise, you’ll spend the time that should be spent on your job search just getting your resume up to par.

Give yourself a deadline to update your resume periodically throughout the year. If you’re actively applying to jobs, you should tailor your resume to fit the job you’re applying to. This is very important and it will naturally lead to you updating your resume periodically. Your goal is to not be a generalist, but instead have a targeted, concise vision of where your career is going to lead you. As you’re cleaning up your resume, ask yourself: Do I have the relevant experience that the job requires?

Also, it’s a good idea to keep a running list of your professional accomplishments in a file somewhere. You may not be looking for a new job right now but down the road, you may be. If you wait to update your resume when you’re in a rush to apply to a job you may forget some of the key accomplishments from a year or two ago. Instead, write things down quarterly to keep a running tally of your experiences. Then update your resume at least twice a year to add them in. Think of your updated resume as a kind of brag book. It’s a living document that changes as your accomplishments evolve.

Why Keep Your Resume Up-to-Date? 

In this crazy job market, opportunities can arise unexpectedly and quickly. Have your resume ready for anything that crops up. Maybe you hear from a colleague about a new opening at an organization you’ve been targeting for a while. Succession may create a leadership role that you’ve had your eye on. In times when you need to move quickly, scrambling to update your resume, especially when you’re working a stressful shift, can lead to mistakes or additional frustration you don’t need. Make it a priority to stay on top of your shifting and evolving skills for an always-on up-to-date resume.

Is Your Resume Up-to Date?

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