3 Tips to Improve Your Healthcare Job Search

The healthcare field is hiring, and jobless Americans understand this. But that means that your resume will likely drown in an ocean of candidates who, like you, know that getting a job in healthcare gives you job security that many organizations can’t offer right now. How can you improve your healthcare job search? We have three tips. 

Tip #1 Research the Employer 

It’s frustrating for any healthcare recruiter; they receive dozens of unqualified candidate resumes every single day. Candidates often fail to thoroughly review the job ad and blindly send a resume when they are often in no way qualified for the job. One-click applying has fostered this problem, making it far too easy for any candidate to apply for any job.  

Yet your healthcare job search should be about quality over quantity to avoid wasting your time. Do not blindly send out a resume without looking at the job description thoroughly. Then, take the added step of looking at the employer’s website. Is it the kind of place you’d like to work? Now, go back to the job description again and make sure you really have the criteria listed in the ad. If all of this looks good to you, then it’s time to apply. 

Tip #2 Customize Your Resume 

Do not send a generic resume to your healthcare target. Instead, take the time to customize your resume to fit the advertisement. This means pulling out keywords found in the ad and sprinkling them throughout your resume. This process serves an important purpose from a search perspective. Recruiters take job applicants and dump them into a database. Then they search the database for a pool of qualified candidates. If your resume has the same ad keywords, it will pull up in a search. Tailoring your resume for each job you apply to takes more time, but it’s not wasted time because it increases your chances of making it to the interview phase. 

Tip #3 Work with a Recruiter 

Healthcare recruiters help connect people with jobs at all levels of a clinical organization, from the administrative to the clinical. Recruiters are hired by healthcare firms to help them ferret out the best talent while improving their time to hire. This is a huge benefit if you’re searching for a healthcare position that starts by sending a resume to a qualified recruiter. These professionals are heavily networked in the healthcare space and can review your resume for a fit with open jobs or with jobs that haven’t even been listed yet. Healthcare recruiters have good knowledge of the various cultures and working environments in the region, and they can take stock of your goals and try to match you to the best company. If you can form a working relationship with a recruiter, they will work hard to promote you to the healthcare organization, prep you for the interview, and be beside you at each step in the process. The Custom Group is standing by to help you find a job in the healthcare field. Talk with our team today to get a leg up on the competition. 


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