How New Technology Can Help Nurses at Your Healthcare Facility

Technology is a tool that can help your nurses function more efficiently. From EHRs that flag drug interactions to smart analytics that help with nursing workflows, technology, when it’s implemented well in your facility, is there to help. This blog will examine how new technologies can improve the lives of your skilled nursing teams.

What New Technology Can Help Nurses?

What Are Some of the New Technologies for Nurses?

Electronic health records (EHRs) launched the technology revolution in nursing over a decade ago. Love or hate them, our EHR systems are now a daily part of nursing life. Some of the more recent tech tools adopted to help clinical and administrative teams include:

  • mHealth, or mobile health devices. These tools include mobile apps, wearable devices, and Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to help nurses monitor patients remotely. 
  • Telehealth uses the power of video to bring doctors to patients no matter where they are. This remote service is beneficial for patients in remote areas or shut-ins that can’t visit a healthcare facility.
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) is a set of tools that make software more intuitive. You’ll find these algorithms in most software, from your Amazon Alexa to the wearable on your arm. 
  • Robotics is slowly working its way into nursing. Today, a robot-assisted device may perform your surgery. These tools also help with medication delivery and patient monitoring.
  • Analytics have a huge place at the healthcare table. Population health initiatives use data analytics to help entire patient cohorts change behaviors that lead to preventable illnesses. New software that incorporates AI can take patient data and use predictive analytics to suggest entire populations that could benefit from proactive treatment for diseases they are more likely to develop in the future.

Healthcare is changing rapidly, and these technologies are leading the race. As IT transforms nursing, how will these tools help our teams be more effective?

How Do These IT Tools Help Nurses?

Given the massive nursing shortage, any technology tools that help these caregivers work smarter should be welcomed by healthcare organizations. Technology can assist nurses in many ways, including:

  • Improved efficiency by helping nurses complete tasks more quickly and accurately. Some software can even help pinpoint areas of friction in a nurse’s basic tasks, then suggest workflow changes to help these professionals work more efficiently.
  • Better communication by allowing nurses to reach patients, colleagues, and other health professionals with critical information. For example, EHRs connect directly with pharmacies for easy prescribing. Telehealth allow nurses to consult remotely with other members of the care team.
  • Enhanced patient care, particularly for chronically ill patients. By using IoT remote sensors, nurses can receive patient vitals, blood glucose recordings, and more. Then, nurses can connect with video conferencing to educate patients to care for themselves better. Improved safety to help reduce the risk of inadvertent errors that can harm patients.
  • Access to education and training on best practices and the latest research. 

Are You Using These to Help Nurses?

Above all, technology is here to help improve the patient experience and care delivery. The Custom Group of Companies intersects at the connection between technology and care delivery. We help our clients find nursing talent along with IT experts to maximize their efficiency. Contact us to help your healthcare practice.

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