Who Are the Hidden Heroes of Your Company?

For lots of people, success isn’t measured by being in the spotlight. Some of the best leaders work behind the scenes at your company. They are the cogs in the wheel of your corporate strategy and, like a wheel, are crucial to keeping you moving forward. 

Who are the hidden heroes of your company, and how can you support them in their efforts to help you achieve a competitive advantage? 

Who Are The Hidden Heroes? 

It may surprise you to recognize that your CEO is not the most important person in your company. Instead, it’s the behind-the-scenes workers that keep your corporate train running on time. Many times these employees work for years with little or no recognition, content with the steady work. They are an essential part of what makes your company culture what it is. To say that we rely upon them is an understatement, but because there is little drama associated with these core employees, it’s easy to neglect them in favor of those shiny, noise, squeaky wheels.  

But consider roles such as your help desk or customer service workers. They are indeed the front lines in your company, and their efforts could help you retain customers or lose them. That means there is a direct connection to their efforts and your bottom line. Inc. calls out these workers, stating: 

“Frequently referred to as “reps” and “agents,” these critical individuals need to be elevated to the status of customer care professionals (let’s call them CCPs) and given the tools to succeed so that they can represent your company in the best light. They can do much more than put out fires — they can create meaningful connections with your customers and make fans for life.” 

The same is true for developers who build and repair the applications that we use every day. Programmers are rarely in the limelight, and one could argue their very nature encourages them to shy away from public displays. But companies should take steps to provide these hidden gems with the proper tools and training to excel in their role. There should be clear-cut career development paths, as well, and enough diversity in their daily tasks to keep them engaged. 

What other ways can companies target these types of hidden heroes with support, recognition, and praise? 

How to Help Your Hidden Heroes Excel 

Make sure your organization empowers all the employees on the team to reach their full potential. Provide mentoring and educational opportunities that benefit everyone in the company. Offer mentorship and rewards that include internal promotions programs that help even the most unsung behind the scenes worker. 

Be generous in your praise of workers within the organization. It’s easy to forget freelancers or exclude remote workers. But their efforts are crucial to the organization. Organizational culture should emphasize “we,” and everyone should be thanked that played a role in a successful project or achievement. Giving credit to staff will strengthen the overall feeling of team collaboration in the organization. 

Looking to Add Top Talent to Your Company?

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