Giving Feedback to Your Employees Could Be the Best thing You Do this Week

There’s research that shows giving positive feedback to your employees is the best way to help them thrive. It engages teams in the success of the organization. It even acts as a driver of improved performance. Here’s why giving feedback to your employees may be the best thing you do all week.

Why Feedback Matters

Feedback is a candid way to evaluate and communicate about an employee’s performance. It’s a constructive process designed to create an open working relationship between you and the members of your team. Far from being punitive, feedback helps employees shape their work effort to better meet the needs of the employer. To make your feedback effective, it should be:

  • Timely, related to behaviors that recently occurred.
  • Constructive, so that the employee has positive suggestions for improvement.
  • Specific, with details of things to change and how to change them.

Feedback is the number one thing a manager can do regularly to improve the performance of their team. The benefits of feedback include:

  • It provides direction and outlines progress toward a specific goal.
  • It motivates team members to work hard toward those goals.
  • It improves individual performance and ultimately the team as well.
  • It encourages employee engaged in the success of the organization.’

Now that you understand the benefits of receiving feedback, let’s look at the types of feedback often given in a job setting.

What Are the Types of Feedback?

When it comes to feedback, there are many options. For example:

  • 360-degree feedback seeks the input of all team members and leaders to evaluate the employee. It’s typically a confidential process and incorporates some kind of rating scale and written comments.
  • Constructive criticism includes both “needs to improve” and positive feedback. It’s important to use both positive and negative feedback properly so the employee never feels bad about too many negative comments.
  • Coaching is a supportive way to encourage better behaviors. Typically, coaching begins with the employer encouraging the employee to evaluate themselves. Then the employer goes over the self-directed feedback and provides advice in a collaborative process.

Feedback is a great tool for leadership teams to encourage and mentor their employees to improve performance. Given that feedback is the driver of productivity in organizations, it’s a critical part of improving your workforce, and ultimately, your bottom line. 

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