Easy Steps to Find a New Nursing Job

If you’re a nurse, 2020 has likely been one of the most challenging in your professional career. The COVID-19 pandemic has done nothing to alleviate the workload of our clinical teams. This hasn’t lessened the difficulties inherent in finding a new job; it has only exacerbated the fact that many nurses are so busy they simply don’t have the time to look for a new position. The Custom Group of Companies can help. Here’s some advice and easy steps to help you find a new nursing position.

Leverage Your Connections

Nurses are highly in demand, but it can take time for you to find the right role. One way to shorten this process is to leverage your social network to find resources for a new job. A recruiting firm can help with this process, certainly, but you can also reach out to people you know who work at other facilities to find out what their work environment is like.

Many organizations are looking for skilled nurses right now, but it’s important for you to do some soul searching to determine what kind of environment you would prefer. In our experience, salary is essential but not the driving reason why a nurse would consider switching jobs. Instead, take stock of what’s wrong with your current work environment. Are you struggling with other members of the clinical team? Are there issues with overwork and burnout? Do you believe the facility isn’t a good fit for you culturally or professionally? While the Custom Group of Companies can help you with a ready-made network and open jobs, we can’t help you with the internal processes that will determine the best fit.

The fact that your new role will likely offer a more competitive salary and sign-on bonus is almost incidental to these critical issues.

Work on Your Credentials

As you’re soul searching the kind of next position that will make you happy, take stock of your experience to date by reviewing your resume. Spending an hour working on formatting or cleaning up typos is well worth the effort. It can also provide you with a historical look back at what you’ve accomplished to date and build your self-confidence and commitment to looking for something new. Then send your resume over to the Custom Group of Companies. We’ve seen thousands of nursing resumes, and our confidential assessment is designed to help buff up your credentials to make them as appealing as possible to employers. Confidentiality is particularly important as you begin your search. It’s never a good idea to burn bridges, so don’t talk to your coworkers about this process. While you may have the desire to share your frustration, keep it on the down-low until you are finally ready to give your notice. Always do this in a positive way. You never know where a connection may lead!

Deciding to find a new job does take time and some personal inventorying of your wants, needs, and priorities. Aren’t you glad you have a resource like the Custom Group to help you keep moving forward in your career? Contact us today.

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