What Makes Your Company Stand Out to Potential Candidates?

When looking for passive job seekers, how do you get them to transition? What makes your company stand out and how can you make it stand out. Discuss what a differentiator ( higher pay rates, best company culture,etc.) 

When the markets are running hot, and unemployment is low, companies need to find ways to set themselves apart to reach the best candidates. These corporate differentiators will make a difference in the caliber of candidates you bring in and, ultimately your bottom line. This article will help you understand what attributes your company needs and should highlight to bring in top talent. 

What Sets You Apart 

Finding your unique attribute and then marketing it to candidates is essential. Building your reputation in the marketplace with potential employees will also build goodwill and maybe even bring you a sale or two. Figuring out your most marketable attributes takes a little thought, but it will pay off in faster hires and better candidates for your company.  

There are three things to consider when mapping out your competitive differential to attract talent: 

  1. The selling point must be real. You can’t fabricate it. If you do, you’ll lose that great employee as fast as you bring them in. 
  2. It must matter to candidates. When hiring, do you know your target audience, and what matters to them? You should. 
  3. You must be able to prove that the positive difference that sets your company apart from everyone else is a real thing. Your employees should be willing to back this claim. Your Glassdoor ratings should back up this claim. There needs to be proof.  

Not that you know the rules of the games, what are some of the attributes we’ve seen top employees look for in a potential new company? 

Five Ways to Set Yourself Apart and Attract Talent 

  1. Culture: If you have it, you’ll find candidates. It’s that simple. The studies show that companies with strong cultures and workplace environments are better at capturing the top 20% of the skilled workforce today. 
  2. Diversity: Having a diverse workforce not only helps your company be more innovative, but the studies also show that 67% of active and passive job candidates say diversity is an essential factor in their job search decisions.  
  3. Salary: The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) still says that money matters. Pay your employees well, and they will stay longer. But SHRM says job seekers scan ads for money and responsibilities more than any other attribute. So, if you pay well, share that in your ad. 
  4. Perks: Business News Daily reported last year that some of the perks that go with a job can help you bring in better candidates. For example, if you offer tuition or continuing education reimbursement or a signing bonus, casual dress days, or work from home, advertise it as a selling point to candidates, and they will come running. 
  5. Meaning: Millennials report they look for jobs that have meaning to them. The studies show that millennials choose an appointment with an overarching mission over one that is strictly money-centric every time. What are the goals of your organization? How can you take those goals and use them to provide employees with a sense of purpose? If you can do that, you will win the loyalty of this young, vibrant workforce. 

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