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5 Tips for Passing Your Nursing Job Interview

You’ve done it. You’ve landed the nursing job interview. Most nurses look at an interview as a kind of necessary evil. You want the job, so you have to go through the gauntlet of interviews with a group of strangers so you can get to work and apply your skills. Instead of looking at this process with trepidation, we’d like to offer you five tips for passing your nursing job interview. These tips will give you the confidence you need to ace the next nursing interviews you face, whether you’re a seasoned veteran making a change or a new graduate in the healthcare field.

How Can You Pass Your Next Nursing Interview?

Tip 1: Do Your Research

This general interview tip is important for anyone interviewing for any job, but particularly in healthcare. Researching the clinic or hospital beforehand is crucial for finding the right cultural fit. It’s also important from an interviewing perspective; you don’t want the interviewer to see you as unprepared.

Tip 2: Dress Appropriately for the Position

While your outfit will most likely be a comfortable set of scrubs, you should dress for success during the interview process. This may seem like a traditionalist approach, but most hospitals are conservative organizations expecting a button-down look from candidates. Since many interviews are held today via video conferencing, it could be tempting to dress casually on your next interview. Resist this temptation.

Tip 3: It’s Okay to Be Positive and Enthusiastic in the Interview

Will it make you look less professional if you show eagerness to work for the healthcare provider? If it does, would you still even want to work there? Both questions are good ones that illustrate that it’s fine to show that you want to work at the organization where you have applied. Being enthusiastic about the job while still professional shows you bring a certain level of energy and verve to the job. Enthusiasm and love for the job is contagious, and it’s something you won’t even need PPE for. Share your positive attitude with interviewers—they will appreciate it.

Tip 4: Share Your Clinical, Administrative, and Technical Skills

Healthcare today relies on technology more than ever before. Nursing requires more than just clinical and clerical skills but also tech savviness. Don’t forget to mention the time you learned a new EHR on the fly or how you helped patients during COVID lockdowns by using telemedicine. Technology is a part of every nursing job these days, so share your skills to stand out from other applicants and show your value.

Tip 5Talk About the Money at the End

We’re not suggesting you bring up compensation right before they make the offer. We are suggesting you bring it up toward the end of the very first interview. Recognize that you may have to commit 15- or 20 minutes to talk with the recruiter before you can reach the point where it’s appropriate to mention compensation. Don’t lead with “How much does the job pay?” Ask questions and start the dialogue with the recruiter to show your interest. Then ask about compensation if it wasn’t mentioned in the job ad.

How Can The Custom Group Help Your Job Search?

At The Custom Group of Companies, we understand how nerve-racking a nursing job interview can be. That’s why our dedicated healthcare team works one-on-one with nurses to help prepare them for what to expect during the interview. We can help you, too. Call on us today to talk about your goals for the next step in your career.

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