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5 Popular IT Jobs Worth Exploring

Technology is everywhere, and there’s a lot of talk about retraining the current workforce to adapt to the future state of work. Despite a few layoffs in IT this quarter, all signs point to a booming industry in the coming years, where the jobs far outnumber the available talent. That’s great news if you’re considering a career in the digital space. By all accounts, the future state of work will include more tech, not less.

If you’re looking at the IT field, there are many job choices. What are the most popular jobs right now? What do they pay? Should you consider one of these positions?

What IT Jobs Are Worth Exploring?

Hot Tech Jobs in 2023

#1 Scrum Master

ZipRecruiter says the average salary of a scrum master is $97,000 to $131,000 per year. That’s an attractive salary if you’re on the east or west coast—and everywhere in between. Scrum masters have important jobs, leading a software engineering team to develop software products within an Agile framework. Scrum masters lead a daily team stand-up and responsibility over the product and production. 

#2 Database Administrator

Despite all the cloud migrations today, a good database administrator is still important to most organizations. The average salary of these professionals runs around $67,500 on the low end to $106,000 for experienced database administrators. Some job duties include installing upgrades to existing platforms and monitoring the health of the overall network. Database admins are a Jack of all trades in that they can do installations as well as monitor and troubleshoot network issues. No two days are the same for a database administrator, making this an interesting job to take on in the IT field.

#3 Quality Assurance (QA) Analyst

A QA professional works elbow-to-elbow with software engineers to look for system defects. A QA typically makes between $51,500 and $89,500 annually. This job is perfect for those obsessed with the small details. QAs develop a testing process for a digital product and then conduct those tests, carefully documenting the design and implementation flaws. QA analysts know a bit of code, with a stack typically consisting of HTML, JavaScript, and SQL. This is a great job if you love breaking and repairing software features.

#4 IT Manager

IT managers are also called production managers and are critically important to building a complex digital product. The salary range for these professionals is $85,500 to $132,000 annually. IT managers oversee technology processes and workflows in a company to improve the bottom line. You’ll see them working closely with cross-functional teams up to the c-suite to improve process design. In smaller organizations, the IT manager also participates in strategy-building sessions. In larger organizations, this job is strictly about production and ensuring that anything related to IT is completed on time and on budget.

#5 Software Engineer

Call them code wranglers, coders, or programmers, but no hot jobs list would be complete without mentioning the role of software engineers. These professionals average around $80,500 to $119,500 annually, but the more experienced you are, the higher the salary and bonus structure. Software engineers are artists of a sort; they work everyday to write the perfect line of code that will improve the function of the digital products they build. If you want to enter this field, you will need skills and knowledge in computer science, math, and engineering to ensure your success. Think of software engineers as the human behind the technology, whether it’s your home Alexa or the software used in your car.

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